Odyssey Perduro Tire and 18x8.5-8 Steel Wheel Glossy White

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Odyssey Perduro 18x8.5-8 Steel Wheel Glossy White

The Odyssey Perduro Tire and 8-Inch Glossy White Steel Wheel combo offers a sturdy, long-lasting, and cost-effective solution for your golf cart. Constructed by pressing and welding steel into shape, these wheels are not only durable but also easy to repair. Unlike aluminum wheels, steel wheels for golf carts require minimal cosmetic upkeep and can be paired with both factory and aftermarket 8-inch hubcaps. With exceptional resistance to impact cracks and general wear and tear, these wheels are a budget-friendly and effective choice for prolonged use on your golf cart. Steel golf cart wheels provide superior shock absorption compared to aluminum wheels, making them particularly suitable for powerful vehicles and colder climates.

Assembly Includes:

  • (1) 8.5x8 Centered Glossy White Steel Wheel
  • (1) 18x8.5-8 Perduro Tire (4-Ply)
  • Compatible with Factory and After-Market 8-Inch Hub Caps
  • All Tire & Wheel assemblies are mounted prior to shipping
  • Please Note: Sold individually / Remember to order a full set of 4
  • Lug Nuts Sold Separately