MODZ® Steel Matte Black 10" Golf Cart Wheel

MODZ Classic
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Golf cart steel wheels feature significant benefits and are regularly sought after for their strength, durability and affordability. Steel wheels are pressed and welded into shape making them strong and easy to repair. Not only do they cost less than aluminum wheels and require less cosmetic maintenance, they are highly resistant to impact cracks and overall wear and tear even from even the most rugged environments. This makes them a very pocket-friendly and efficient investment for long-term use on your golf cart.

Steel golf cart wheels have increased shock-absorption compared to aluminum wheels and are especially ideal for power vehicles and in colder environments. 

10″ Details:
  • SKU: G1-5191-MTB
  • 10×7 with 4×4 bolt pattern
  • ET -10 offset
Tire Options:
  • 10″ Low Profile Option: 205/50-10 Arisun Cruz
  • 10″ Low Profile Option: 205/65-10 Arisun Cruz
  • 10″ All-Terrain Option: 20×10-10 X-Trail All-Terrain
  • 10″ All-Terrain Option: 22×10-10 X-Trail All-Terrain

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