Arisun® X-Armory 23x10-R14 Steel Belted Radial Golf Cart Tire (4-Ply)

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The Arisun X-Armory tire is engineered to deliver a high-performance ride that lasts. With steel-belted radial construction providing strength and durability, these all-terrain golf cart tires showcase superb traction and control on all surfaces. The X-Armroy provides a low-impact ride that is both quiet and comfortable. Experience the operational agility and superior performance of the X-Armory golf cart tire.

  • 4-ply rating for durability
  • Steel belt radial construction for superior tread life
  • Superior design for a smooth, comfortable ride

Arisun is among the global leaders of the tire industry. Arisun tires are constructed with a long-wearing rubber compound and are never bundled in shipping to avoid bead damage.