MODZ® 205/30-14 Guardian Street Golf Cart Tire

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MODZ® Guardian golf cart tires are designed for excellent and dependable performance on any surface so that you can ride with confidence. Experience the ultimate wet and dry grip on asphalt and turf surfaces thanks to a striking tread design consisting of angled grooves that divert water from underneath the tire, and a continuous center rib for improved handling and less wear. These tires are easily a first-rate choice for all condition driving.

  • 205/30-14 Golf Cart Tire
  • This tire will fit 14” rims
  • Attractive street tread design
  • Water-channeling tread for reduced chances of hydroplaning
  • Continuous center rib for improved handling
  • Comfortable and safe ride for all passengers

MODZ Guardian golf cart tires. Impressive design for a seamless ride.